Living my mesh avatar


Boat Virus

My first boat

lol I caught the “boat virus”. Now I decided to learn how to build boats …thanks to Analyse and Rituals. That’s a lot of fun. I also moved to a quiet and deserted beach and am living in my boat until I build the house .. Lots of sunshine, with a tropical weather and plenty of space to build what I want. Friends are welcome!

MarciAvi debuts as a fashion model in Marketplace:


Check it out at Marketplace:


I did it! My first mesh avatar is fully functional.

November 20, 2012.  After months of learning and lots of comings and goings, I finally managed to run the entire process, from modeling, unwrap UVs, draw the skin, rigg weights … and everything else needed to make the avatar work well and wear many clothes, hairs and shoes from SL.
Wow! It was not easy, but after many hours of lost sleep, finally got it. So, if someone asks if you know a girl who knows how to make a mesh avatar, you can say yes. That girl is me.   😀
I know it is not perfect and it can still be much improved, but the hardest part I’ve managed to overcome.

The head of this avatar was generated initially via MakeHuman ( and later modified in 3d modeler software.
All the rest of the body was entirely created and modeled by me, trying to fit the Standard Size for SL Mesh, and also the size of Avatar 2.0 from Utilizator –  to match same clothes.

In this pictures  wearing: hairs from Truth (Cynthia), dress 1 and jewelry from To Be Unique (Alyssa Outfit), dress 2 from Meli Imako (MI86680 ), shoes from Maitreya Gold (Suave Oxblood).

I thank all those people who helped me in any way, directly or indirectly to this project:
Analyse Dean, Andrew (flightless), Bo Noizumeka, Brynn Dreamscape, ChuChu Ricardo, Craft (craftish), Dannimatic, Denis Tristan, Desho, Fox Onizuka, Frank ‘Clocksmith’ Watanabe, Jalynne Ohmai, Jeremy (jeremios.constantine), J?ona??an (stephenweiss), Kally, Lee, Lilly (taylor.schroeder), Lissa, Leda Parx, Maggiedoll Alter, Marcia Shan, Matilda, Mcarp (mcarp.mavendorf), Midice Holfe, Miwa, Moi MacArthur, Mom & Dad, Naomi, Nora, Omei Qunhua, Sassy (sassy.romano), SegmentationFault String, Sona (chibiusa.ling), Swag (FlyboySwag), Twistia Twine, Utilizator Mode, Walker (walker.fang). Wordsmith Jarvinen, Yrol Denjeah (yrol.xingjian)

Making my own mesh avatar – a new challenge!

In this last Sept. 22, 2012 I managed to finally upload my first avatar mesh. I’m still learning this: put bones and make them work, and am also not an ace photoshop to make skins. But I’m in the way … and all this is really fun! Look at the photos – not so bad, huh?

I must say, I got it thanks to the help of Bo Noizumeka (Bo.Orsini), who has taught me many things about this subject. I was trying to upload rigged mesh for more than six months, and Bo was the only person who could give me a way so that I finally had success. Thank you teacher!

Indeed, much has happened, and I did not have time to update the blog, so I’ve been busy. Learning from the Avatar 2.0 /Utilizator, I started doing things that other people liked, so I opened my own shop in Second Life to share some stuff to use with this awesome AV2.0: Marcia Mesh Beta Store. At Marketplace and also in two spots in-world, one in the same mall where is the store of Utilizator Mode, and another at Anime  Addict Shopping. Check out photos below.

I started making some mesh clothes and now I’m learning to make rigged mesh. I love learning things in Second Life. It’s all very fun and if I can sell some products in my stores, it helps me to pay the uploads to continue learning.

Thank you all. I love you!

Have fun in Second Life!


This is my store at the Annie May Haven:

And this is the Marcia Beta Mesh Store at Anime Addict Shopping:


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